Aptitude Test

Written by Serena Berger
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An aptitude test is often a critical part of the hiring process. It may also be used to determine the potential of an employee to excel in a higher position within the company. While the SATs are probably the most well known and feared aptitude tests most people ever face, employment aptitude tests can be similarly intimidating, so you want to do what you can to make them straightforward, and maybe even fun.

Taking a Hiring Aptitude Test Online

Presumably if you are applying for a job, you are aware of the skills that will be necessary, and will not be surprised to be given a test in those areas. Often these tests are administered online, and used to assess basic skills such as grammar, proofreading, spelling, or math. They may also test for general knowledge or important skills in a specialized industry.

Frequently, if you are considering promoting an employee within the company, you begin that consideration based on their performance in their current position. While current performance may be an indication of that employee's work ethic, loyalty, and skill in some respects, it is likely that he or she will need to have additional or different skills to thrive in another position. Particularly if you are considering a promotion to the managerial level, an aptitude test can explore an employee's potential for communication and leadership.

As a manager or HR professional, you can take advantage of a consultant or business to help you design and administer the tests which will best assess the qualities you need in an employee. You can significantly increase productivity by making sure that you have highly skilled employees at work for you. And perhaps more importantly, you increase morale and inspire other employees by making sure people are in jobs where they are comfortable, qualified, and able to excel.

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