Basic Skill Tests

Written by Serena Berger
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Basic skill tests can differ greatly among industries. In cases of extreme specialization, so-called "basic skills" could be anything from solving differential equations to soldering engine parts, but for the most part basic skills are those which applicable to many different positions in many different companies. Computer skills, language skills, writing, and math skills are among the most commonly required, and both individuals and companies can take advantage of professional basic skill tests in these areas.

Taking Practice Basic Skill Tests When You're Job Hunting

If you are looking for jobs right out of college or in a new field, you might want to take a practice test on your own to make sure your skills are up to industry standard. That can be a great way to see how you measure up without any pressure or consequences. If you choose a practice test site carefully, you can find one that gives you feedback comparing you to others so you'll have some idea what sets you apart from the competition, as well as what you need to work on.

Some of the best and most comprehensive websites which offer basic skill tests also have teaching programs that you can take at your own pace. This is a convenient and inexpensive alternative to classes that many people enjoy. If you opt for a company with a reputation for training and testing, you can actually get certification from that company when you pass the skills tests, and then you can include that in your job applications.

If you are in a position of screening applicants for a job, you will find many ways to take advantage of professional basic skill testing. First, the tests are convenient to administer and tested by many other peers in your field. The scoring is quick and easy, as well as unquestionably objective. Many companies who offer testing packages also offer guidance for how to proceed with interviews or testing based on the results of initial pre employment skills testing.

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