Customer Service Testing

Written by Serena Berger
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Customer service testing covers a range of options which help assure you that your clients will be satisfied with the service they receive from your business. You can make use of customer service testing both before and after hiring in order to maximize its utility for your company. You may also consider bringing in an outside consultant or business who specializes in testing customer service.

If you are hiring someone for a position which requires significant interaction with clients, you want to make sure they are competent, informed, and personable. There are many people who can make it through an interview and seem like qualified applicants, but then if you put them on the floor in a sales or service position, their attitudes will display a remarkable change for the worse. This reflects poorly on your company and can damage business and sales.

Secret Client Customer Service Testing

One of the most common methods used to ascertain an employee's performance in customer service is the secret client. In retail, this is likely to be a secret shopper; in restaurants, a secret diner, and so forth. You can make use of an outside firm which specializes in providing secret customers who are instructed in what to do, what to ask, or how to engage with your employee in order to get you data on how they perform.

Customer service testing can also be any form of testing which makes sure your employees have the information you need them to have at their fingertips. From product specs to knowing where to go if they don't know something, it is important to know that your employees can competently handle any questions they are likely to be asked by clients or business associates. An experienced outside firm can help you review your employees' performances and give you unbiased data and feedback that can help them improve.

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