Employee Background Checks

Written by Serena Berger
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Employee background checks of some sort are a necessity in almost every business. Just consider this: over four billion dollars are stolen from American businesses every year by employees. You can institute any number of security measures, but the best way to avoid employee theft is to hire the right people from the outset.

Employee background checks have to follow the legal guidelines in your state. This is one of the most important reasons to consider making use of an outside firm which specializes in employment screening. They will be aware of all the legal issues, and be able to do the most efficient and useful employee background checks within the bounds of the law.

Getting Thorough Employee Background Checks

You can check any public records as part of a background check. These may include criminal records and driving records, as well as some financial documentation. You can also use a service to do a thorough check of any data on the applicant's resume and make sure all references are contacted.

In addition to securing your company's reputation for integrity and quality service, there is another reason to make sure that a background check is thorough on someone you are planning to hire. Negligent hiring liability can cost you a great deal if someone sues your company due to the actions of someone they can prove should never have been hired. Making sure your employees are honest and qualified is easily worth the cost of bringing in an expert in employment screening.

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