Employee Management

Written by Serena Berger
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Employee management is a major part of any manager's job. While you may hire a person for her expertise in a specific area or for the knowledge she brings to a certain project, once you put her in a managerial position, she will also need many skills in employee management. There are a number of ways you can help develop these skills.

First, you need to diagnose any problem areas. Perhaps this is a person who has a strong vision for what should be done, but does not effectively communicate it with others. Or perhaps when reviewing the employees she supervises, your manager thinks she is being fair, but they find her overly critical, and this is causing low morale.

Employee Management Evaluations

360 degree feedback is an option you should consider trying in order to evaluate the success of your managers. By getting anonymous feedback from easily administered online surveys, you can find out what the people under the supervision of your manager really think, as well as finding out how fellow managers relate to him. Then when you meet with the manager to discuss the feedback, you can give him the chance to compare his own self-analysis with the data from the evaluations and learn from that comparison.

You should consider inviting an outside firm or consultant to help you discover the best possible employee management evaluation program for your business. In addition to offering tests and evaluations, as well as software, reading materials, or online support, they may also be able to recommend training materials which will help your manager improve in weak and moderate areas. Don't fail to take advantage of the benefits of the services of a firm whose purpose is to help you get the best out of your employees and managers.

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