Employee Motivation

Written by Serena Berger
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Employee motivation is one of the most important factors in the success of your business. Many, even most, employees are not highly motivated, and would rather do the minimum they can get away with than go out of their way to do more. For most people, the lure of water cooler conversations and extra-long lunch breaks is much greater than the appeal of double checking their work or taking the initiative to improve a product design.

Improved employee motivation will come about only if you make your staff feel more appreciated and increase their loyalty to the company. It's no secret that money talks, so bonuses, rewards, and incentives are a common way of getting employees motivated to do better work. They are not, however, the only way to accomplish that goal.

Performance Solutions for Employee Motivation

In fact, there are companies which specialize in performance solutions and can assess your needs and help you develop a much more comprehensive approach to increasing employee motivation. This can begin at hiring, where you can use more thorough screening procedures to explore an employee's work ethic and motivational style. Furthermore, you can screen for qualities that the applicant possesses which would make him a candidate for promotion. Knowing that he is being groomed from the start for succession will almost always motivate an employee to do better than he will if he assumes the likelihood of advancement is minimal.

You can also get help with ideas in team building. Being careful to make sure that teams are supportive and inspirational as opposed to fractious and competitive will increase productivity significantly. This is not always easy to do, however, and is a realm in which you will surely benefit from consulting an expert for creative and effective ideas.

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