Employee Performance Evaluations

Written by Serena Berger
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Employee performance evaluations enable employers to clarify their expectations and ascertain whether employees are meeting them. Almost every business uses employee performance evaluations in some way, but the difference between their generic implementation and positive use is tremendous. Productivity and morale are both affected by the manner in which management administers performance evaluations, so you may have a lot to learn if it is part of your job to design or interpret reviews.

Making Employee Performance Evaluations Positive

Employees often dread reviews. They assume that their bosses are going to take the opportunity to be critical of every little thing, and probably only remember the negative. In order to turn reviews into a productive experience, a supervisor needs first to assemble a comprehensive assessment of how the employee has performed, and then make sure the focus of the review is working with the employee to create a plan for the future. Online skills testing and personality testing can be a big part of a more effective review process.

Most employees would like to use their performance review as an opportunity to talk about their future with the company. Whether they just want a raise or whether they have been working toward a promotion, they should be prepared to demonstrate what they have learned or talk about what they need to learn in order to make that next step viable. If you include online skills testing in your annual employee performance evaluations, you can find out if someone has really learned the additional software or publishing program that they had set out to learn, or find out if they've stayed up to date on important product specs.

You can also use personality testing productively as part of performance reviews, especially for someone considering promotion. Often an employee who has not really worked on a team or been in a leadership position before will be tested in new ways by a new position. A preliminary personality test can highlight areas of strength or concern so that you will be able to provide an employee the support and perhaps the training that he or she will need to deal with the human element in a higher position with your company.

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