Employee Selection Testing

Written by Serena Berger
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Employee selection testing can help your company thrive in many ways. By avoiding some of the most common personnel pitfalls, you can avoid any number of business and personal problems. This is, in fact, such an important aspect of running a business that there are businesses whose sole purpose is to help you with employee selection testing.

Aspects of Employee Selection Testing

Many of the tests used to assess applicants for jobs are copywritten material which goes with a particular study. The common Kiersey Temperament Sorter, for example, was developed to help people in all situations understand the way they communicate, and how they might best operate on a team. There are specialists who have studied administering this test, and also doing team work with groups of employees to help them use the results to become happier and more productive in their work environment. This and similar tests can be a casual, even enjoyable part of an application process.

There are also tests designed to help you find out more about the character and work ethic of potential employees. These are designed by psychologists and business specialists to help you find out the sort of information about potential problem areas that direct questions would be unlikely to yield. Avoiding fraud and theft is a major concern, so you should avail yourself of assistance in minimizing your risks.

In addition to personality and cognitive testing, some employee selection testing is likely to be job-specific. A restaurant, a magazine, and a bank are likely to need to find out whether applicants possess quite diverse skills. To keep your skills testing as contemporary and efficient as possible, you can also take advantage of a consulting firm which will help you design the best system and material for the tests.

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