Employment Testing

Written by Serena Berger
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Employment testing is one of the most important ways to ensure the quality and good name of your business. From the point of view of hiring and personnel management, screening to make sure that you start out with the caliber of employees you want is the most critical step in achieving success as a company. Once you have employees in place, however, there are other forms of employment testing which can help you take advantage of their strengths and maximize morale.

When it comes to hiring employees for your company, you have a relatively short amount of time to make decisions about someone who could have a tremendous impact on your business. This potential impact can be either positive or negative, and it can be extremely difficult to screen for all possibilities. To avoid the negative, there are both personality and cognitive tests and informational services which can help you make good hiring decisions.

Pre Employment Testing

First, you can verify an applicant's honesty on a basic level by verifying the data he gives you on his resume and checking his references. Beyond that, with the applicant's consent, you can employ a service to check into criminal background, or screen for drug usage. There are different laws in different states which pertain to exactly how such background check may be executed, but if you are running a business, you may want to enter a legal consultation to help you develop policies which give you an added level of security. There are also aspects of background screening which simply use public records, so you should certainly take advantage of those.

Sadly, employee fraud and theft are extremely serious issues, and more common than one would hope. Over four hundred billion dollars annually are robbed from domestic businesses by employees who fit the so-called Fraud Triangle: they possess the means to steal, perceive a need for what they steal, and have the ability to justify their theft. While you can't really expect an accurate answer if you ask an applicant outright, "Is there any chance you would steal from us?" you can take advantage of professional services which have developed sophisticated and subtle forms of employment testing which can give you relevant information about an employee's character, personality, and lifestyle.

Effective employment testing of applicants can have far-reaching benefits for your company. Putting the right person in a job means training will go smoothly, turnover will be reduced, and a chain of succession can be insured. Furthermore, effective teams can be built, morale will be higher, and your company's product or service and reputation will be secured.

Post Employment Testing

There are also a number of beneficial ways to implement employment testing for people who have been with you for some time. In some cases, for annual reviews and performance reports, you may want to bring in an outside professional service to conduct tests of what your employees know or what they need to work on. In certain areas of customer service industries, employment testing can also take the form of secret shoppers, secret diners, and the like. You may use a firm to hire people who engage and then give you an evaluation of your employees' services.

Teams can be particularly difficult to manage. The convergence of personalities and differing objectives can lead to tremendous frustration and decreased productivity, particularly when tensions are high because productivity is crucial. Employment testing may be successful in getting information about how individuals work best in a team, and how they can be best motivated and supported by management.

Testing can also give you the ability to treat your employees better. From finding the best person to promote to deciding whom to reward with significant incentives and bonuses, there are many ways a professional firm can enable you to keep your business running as well as you could hope. The Internet is a great source of information on employment testing, and can even facilitate the administration of a variety of customized tests for you and your business.

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