Employment Tests

Written by Serena Berger
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Employment tests have an important place in personnel management and running a company successfully. In addition to their use in the hiring process, the best employment tests also help you make informed decisions about when to promote from within. You can also offer training at work, either for employees who need to improve certain skills, or for those who want to take advantage of the opportunity to learn more in order to broaden their career prospects.

Employee loyalty is a big part of company success. Morale is inextricably linked with loyalty, and the benefits are obvious in productivity, lower employee turnover, and fewer problems with personnel. One of the best ways to earn employee loyalty is by making your employees feel as though you are invested in their futures.

Employment Tests in a Training Context

Skills training available in the workplace is one of the best ways to enhance employee performance and make the people who work for your business feel as though the company cares about them. Sometimes offering employees the opportunity to take classes at local colleges or universities, even classes which don't directly relate to their position with you, is viable and advisable. Other times, offering employment tests and training in-house is more feasible and cost efficient and still gives employees options that they'll want to take.

It's also convenient to have a testing protocol in place when you're looking to promote from within. Employees need to display proficiency in different skills and areas if they're looking to move into a new position, and some of these may be skills which they haven't had cause to use or display in their current positions. If you have a clear job analysis in place so that employees know which measurable skills are required for the positions they want, they can train for those positions while working for you, and everyone wins.

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