Excel Tests

Written by Serena Berger
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Taking practice Excel tests online is a fast and affordable way to ensure that you meet the basic requirements for many jobs in this increasingly competitive market. MS Office has rapidly become the standard software used by most companies, and Excel is among the most widely used spreadsheet applications. With several online tutorials available on testing sites, learning Excel is easier than ever. You can get practice taking Excel tests, too, so that when you have to do so for an employer, you will feel completely prepared.

Small companies will often use Excel for basic record keeping. Being able to create formulas, such as sums and averages, is among the basic functions with which users should be familiar. For more advanced users, data filters and lookup functions are equally important and useful applications of Excel.

Advanced Features on Excel tests

While creating formulas in individual cells will be the most common task for most Excel users, there are many powerful tools in Excel with which users should become familiar. For example, recording VBA macros can dramatically simplify repetitive tasks and increase your productivity. Microsoft and third-party manufacturers have also created a number of add-ins for Excel, such as the data analysis package, that many companies will use for examining their records.

Though it could be considered a minor detail, the presentation of reports is among the most important skills in Excel, especially when the reports are the only thing that supervisors will see. Excel tests can make sure that you know how to select the relevant data. With several facets to the software package, tests are the best way to ensure that you have your bases covered when you are applying for new jobs, and some sites even provide certification that you can put on your resume to get an employer's attention.

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