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Hair Drug Tests Myths

Written by Smart7777
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Workplace drug testing has been an ever increasing trend in increasing the workforce of a company while off-putting costs due to incompetent and drug impaired employees and for this reason drug dependent individuals are always in search for ways to pass drug tests. They view drug testing as a menace for different reasons therefore looking for various ways to escape the test that has eventually led to an ever increasing growth of a market niche that help people pass drug testing. Online is the best place for you where you will find numerous products that claim to beat different kinds of drug tests from traditional urine and blood tests, to saliva and hair follicle drug testing?

Drug testing has not only become a mandatory for some companies due to several good reasons but it has become an initial requirement also for college admission by the use of sports scholarship or during a physical competition. It is said that shampoos and detox liquid solutions help erase drug residue in the hair and there are also certain home remedies to pass hair drug testing. But how far are they true is the question? It even claims that passing drug tests is easy. Well, it is true but there is the minute possibility in passing a hair drug tests, many would agree while others will not. Even I too fall in the second category because if it would have been totally impossible then people would not have bought those detox kits.

Anyway there are certain detox shampoos on the market for the drug dependent individuals claiming to remove drug traces in hair. These shampoos use different ingredients that help to remove common toxins such as marijuana, THC, nicotine, and alcohol right into the scalp of the hair. But research have shown that there are several methods through which hair can be scrutinize up to its smallest parts and can even detect the use of detoxifying shampoos. So in such cases hair drug examiners can pick over the cheaters easily. It is also said that blonde hair has a better chance of passing a hair drug test. Yes, it is true because it has been confirmed with studies proving that melatonin present in the hair can help increase drug level reading. Melatonin is a hair pigment and it is more numerous in black hair. It is believed that people can pass hair drug testing easily by changing their hair to a lighter color. This is a myth. Though not permanently but this is only a superficial solution similar to detox shampoos. You should understand that artificial hair coloring will not change the melatonin levels of an originally black hair and so dissolving drug sufficiently enough to pass hair drug testing is therefore not confirmed.

Therefore it could be concluded that the best and confirmed way to pass a hair drug test is to not take drugs at all. So it is essential that you avoid joining the hoopla of assuming that you can pass a hair drug test that will surely put you into greater trouble than you already are.

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