Integrity Testing

Written by Serena Berger
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Integrity testing is an area in which you may want to rely on a specialist. It can be quite difficult to get a sense of a person's integrity in the course of a relatively brief interview. Even if you check a job applicant's references, you are not guaranteed to learn anything particularly useful about their integrity, because most people can find two or three people who will tell you good things about them, even if there are many more out there who wouldn't.

An employee's integrity is relevant in many ways to their daily performance. Its lack can also become even more apparent in extreme cases of fraud or theft. Given the billions of dollars which are stolen each year from American businesses by employees, you can see why integrity testing, if it is at all effective, would be an asset to your company.

Professional Integrity Testing Assistance

The reason to bring in a professional consultant is also relatively easy to understand. It is unlikely that a savvy applicant will back himself into a corner if asked, "Do you plan to steal from the company or lie to your boss?" Similarly, direct questions about drug use or other dishonest behavior are not going to yield answers which would disqualify an applicant from consideration.

Experienced firms who have developed integrity testing programs and questionnaires have explored much subtler ways of obtaining a character profile. While not guaranteed to be 100% accurate, their results can give you red flags as to attitudes that may become problematic or signal behavior that could be detrimental to your business. The additional piece of mind that comes from professional aid in testing integrity issues is well worth the relatively minimal cost.

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