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Written by Serena Berger
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IT staffing is the backbone of the infrastructure in many of today's most desirable workplaces. With our increased reliance on technology for tasks such as webpage maintenance, record keeping and communications, it is important to have individuals on staff who are able to deal with any technology related problems. For companies that would like an additional layer of security when interviewing applicants for IT staffing positions, certifications are available that will ensure that applicants meet the minimum levels of proficiency.

IT Staffing Essentials

For any company using more than one computer, it is more likely than not that the computers are networked. Just as a home user should not be without an antivirus program and a firewall for his internet connection, you don't want your business network to be vulnerable to outsiders. IT staff should be well versed in securing networks and recognizing potential threats and vulnerabilities, especially if sensitive data is on the network.

Web pages have become virtual storefronts, as many companies conduct a fair share of their business online. Knowledgeable IT staffing can not only design an aesthetically pleasing and functional web page, but they can also provide maintenance as necessary. If transactions are occurring online, the last thing that you want is to wait for a third-party consultant to arrive to fix your problems. It is much safer to have someone on staff who has the knowledge to support your IT needs.

While there are a core set of skills that many IT employees will have, your exact needs will vary depending on the industry and the size of your company. Whether it be database administration, desktop publishing or programming, it is best to ensure that applicants which you are considering for employment have some experience with the programs which they will be using. Certifications will ensure that they meet the standards in whatever IT areas are necessary, but you can supplement those with your own pre hire testing, as well.

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