Job Task Analysis

Written by Serena Berger
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Job task analysis is the cornerstone of any process of designing a training program for employees. Some employers may do this rather intuitively and others may do so formally; in any case, as a manager, you can benefit from using a consultant with expertise in this area to help you implement truly effective job task analysis. There are a number of factors to consider which will ultimately help you design and administer the testing and training needed to maximize performance and productivity.

The Components of Job Task Analysis

Among the factors to consider are the duties an employee must perform, the materials that will be used, the equipment to be used, the administrative responsibilities of a position, and the level of communication and leadership skills that will be necessary. Obviously, highly specialized industries will have their own unique requirements that fall outside the purview of a general consulting service, but for the most part the preceding characteristics are relevant to all jobs. A consultant will help you make sure that you are indeed asking the right questions to help yourself define the position, and then communicating clearly to employees and applicants about those expectations.

Once you are clear on the components of a job, then you can incorporate appropriate assessments into your hiring or training procedure. You can plan effective training, set standards for evaluation, create a manual or handbook of responsibilities and techniques, and make sure your hiring process will help you get the people you really want. From posting a help wanted ad to deciding between qualified applicants, having a clear job task analysis in play will make all of this much easier.

For an employee who wants to advance within your company, it is reassuring and helpful to know that management has clear and objective standards. If the requirements for that employee's position and the standards against which he is judged are clear, the employee will know when he is ready to present a case for advancement. If the job tasks are clear for the higher position, the employee will also be able to work with you to determine a training program that will enable him or her to learn additional skills to be suitable for promotion.

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