Management Competencies

Written by Serena Berger
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Management competencies are tests and reviews which help you assess the performance of managers within your company. These may include skills tests, which determine whether your manager is up-to-date in terms of necessary skills and techniques for his or her job. They may also assess the personal and leadership qualities which are necessary in a good manager.

You can use management competencies to determine whom to promote or place in a position for succession, as well. Because you are able to screen for many of the characteristics of a good manager, it is often best to do so before putting someone in the position, as opposed to afterward, when you're essentially diagnosing a problem which has already had adverse consequences. There are many reasons why you might benefit from the expertise of a consultant whose career is in designing and administering management competencies.

A manager must have a number of skills beyond the technical or creative ones for which an employee is typically hired. Communication and leadership, in fact, can even be at odds with the exceptional traits of an employee who has worked with success independently. But if you have a person you feel deserves to be recognized and promoted, you need to consider what you can do to help him or her develop the additional skills that the new position requires.

Professionally Administered Management Competencies

For situations like these, you should consider making use of an outside business which offers employment tests and evaluation. A good firm will not only offer you the tests or questionnaires in an easy-to-use online format, but will also give you materials which help you interpret the results and recommend or offer services which aid the employee's development. Good management is an investment in both the manager and the company, so you should avail yourself of any resources which help you make that investment wisely.

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