Management Development

Written by Serena Berger
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Management development can take place from the moment someone is hired. Whether they enter your company already in a managerial capacity, or with the potential for promotion, you will have many opportunities to help them develop relevant skills to be a successful manager. In addition to the immediate benefits of training the person, a significant investment in his or her development is also likely to increase loyalty and morale.

Investing in Management Development

Part of management development is an effective program for feedback. Periodically, perhaps annually or bi-annually, it is a good idea to have an employee participate in an evaluation. A good evaluation process will allow the employee to give you a self-evaluation, as well as receiving one from you, and perhaps from peers and colleagues as well.

Managers need to have a number of skills besides those which are specifically industry-related. For example, leadership, communication, the ability to motivate others, and the ability to inspire trust are all essential. Even the most intelligent, honest, and hard-working employees may need help developing these attributes.

If you are investing in management development, a program to help individuals develop these qualities of good managers is an important step to take. There are many businesses and consultants who specialize in precisely that. From team building to individual communication and leadership skills, they may offer tests, projects, and retreats which help employees gain self knowledge and improve these critical skills.

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