Online Skill Assessment

Written by Serena Berger
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Online skill assessment is convenient, easy, and effective for both employers and employees. As an employer, you should consider online skill assessment for most hiring decisions, as well as many training options. As someone looking for a job, you should be aware of all the opportunities to increase your value by developing skills and achieving certification online.

If you are in the position of screening employees, it should be immediately obvious how advantageous it is to use online skill assessment. In addition to the ease of administration, the scoring is fast and objective. You can even link a number of tests together since every position has its own set of requirements, some of which overlap, while others are unique to the specific job. With a single click of a button, whoever is running that stage of the hiring process can bring up a file which includes all of the necessary testing materials for any position.

Protecting Your Company with Online Skill Assessment Packages

In more serious cases, using online assessments created by an outside firm can also help you should legal problems arise. Occasionally a client may initiate a negligent hiring suit, and if you can prove that your hiring process was reasonable and thorough in determining that the applicant was qualified for the job, you will spare the company significant losses. You also protect yourself from discrimination suits if you have test results which show a person you hired to be demonstrably more skilled or qualified than the person you declined.

As an applicant, you can benefit from online testing, as well. When you're putting together your resume and portfolio, you can make sure you are noticed by having something to back up the claims you make when you list skills. Many candidates, for example, will put "word processing" down as a skill; if you can put down that you are certified by a reputable company in MS or some other specific word processing program, then your potential employer will know that you actually possess certain necessary skills, and he or she will also very likely be impressed that you made the extra effort to display that training.

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