Online Testing

Written by Serena Berger
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Online testing is the most convenient form for almost any employment screening. There are a number of skills tests that can be administered to aid in making good decisions in the hiring process. There are also personality screenings and more abstract ability tests that can be used pre or post hiring to improve your business.

One of the advantages of offering online testing is that scoring or analysis can be taken care of entirely by the computer. Not only does this save time for your HR staff or manager, but it also gives you the results you want faster than manual analysis. You also avoid issues of potential bias with the unequivocal results of skills tests taken online.

Flexible and Convenient Online Testing

Pre-hiring online testing can also be sophisticated personality profiling. There are a handful of standard personality and cognitive tests which assess the recipient's tendencies and skills in terms of communication, listening, and working on a team. These tests are paired with analytical and explanatory materials developed by psychologists and business experts who help you make the most of the results in creating a plan of action to help an employee excel.

Many of these same tests are also useful for employees and managers who have been with you for a while. For example, if you are considering promoting from within, you may need to find out if an employee has skills or potential beyond what she gets to show you in her current position. Using a professional employee screening service with convenient online material can give you the information you need to make hiring and promoting choices that will increase productivity, morale, and the overall quality of your service.

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