Online Testing

Written by Serena Berger
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Online testing can be fast, convenient, and even fun for a variety of personal and business uses. Recent years have given rise to a number of Internet sites which offer IQ tests, personality tests, and skills tests that have both entertaining and informational aspects. Lots of people enjoy taking quizzes and tests to find out more about themselves, and occasionally what they find out can help them be happier in their careers.

Online Testing for Job Application Preparation

Many of the most highly respected names in the field of career building have tossed their hats into the ring to provide online testing options for both individuals and businesses. Skills testing may not be as much fun as personality tests or aptitude tests, but it has become integrated in many hiring procedures. There is a huge benefit to applicants, however, when these test are offered online, particularly because you get the ability to take practice tests online before ever having to be scored.

If you choose a practice site wisely, you won't just get a percentage grade on your test. You'll get a detailed breakdown of your strengths and weaknesses, which will enable you to address them efficiently and immediately. Often the online tutorials linked to practice tests are easily affordable, so you save both time and money in contrast to going to a class where transportation and homework assignments that you don't need or want to do combine with higher costs to make the option much less attractive.

From the employer's perspective, online testing also addresses a number of concerns. First, the speed and convenience of testing and scoring save time and facilitate a smooth application process, even supporting online job fairs which give thousands of people the opportunity to see if they're right for a job. There's also the added bonus that the results are kept in a database so that should a company ever have to justify its hiring choices, the proof that employees were all qualified and prepared will be readily available.

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