Personality Tests For Employers

Written by Serena Berger
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Personality tests for employers can be very helpful. The most important thing if you're thinking of having employees or applicants take personality assessments of any sort, however, is to keep the focus on using the results in a positive way. Instead of asking anyone to change, the focus should be on helping people understand each other so that they can all choose how to compromise to make the work environment better.

Especially when people are applying for jobs, you can't turn someone down simply because a personality profile indicates that he's not your favorite type of person. In fact, if you're asking applicants to take personality tests, you need to be prepared to explain to them exactly how the results are going to be used, and even to assure them that taking the test is optional. Similarly, asking anyone in your office to take personality tests for employers should be considered optional, if possible.

Making the Most of Personality Tests for Employers

If you stress that the test should be fun, and that the results can be confidential if the employee desires, that sets the stage for productive use of personality tests for employers. Communications styles are the most frequently explored topics, but work style and teamwork tendencies are closely related and often show up on work-focused personality profiles. Of course, even if you have some of the best tests devised by doctors and experts, you will probably need some guidance in making the most of the results.

That's why you should turn to a professional personnel services consultant. There are businesses which specialize in administering tests that will help you form more effective teams and workplaces, and they know what comes next when you've got the results to a serious personality or communication style survey. After all, sometimes it's best to pair people with others who are very similar, but other times balance and complementary skills or tendencies are much more likely to get the job done. Let a trained professional guide you through making the most of the test results and keeping the sessions where employees work with those results productive, positive, and enjoyable.

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