Pre Employment Assessments

Written by Serena Berger
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Pre employment assessments can help you with one of the most important aspects of good personnel management: putting the right person in the right job. Your company's productivity and reputation hinge on successful hiring. While you may trust your own instincts or those of a personnel director, you may also want to consider the myriad benefits of bringing in a professional employment testing firm to help you make hiring decisions that will insure your company's continued success.

Pre employment assessments can take several forms. First, there are things you can take care of yourself, simply by verifying all of the information that you are given by an applicant. Most people have admitted to padding their resume at some point, and most employers understand and accept that this is done, but you still want to make sure there are no egregious falsehoods on an applicant's resume. Depending on the legal issues in your state, you may also ask an applicant for permission to do a drug test or access criminal records.

Businesses Specializing in Pre Employment Assessments

As part of the interview process, there are many pre employment assessments you can use. There are third party firms which specialize in developing tests which suit your company's needs. You can ask applicants to take a variety of standard personality and cognitive tests, which will help you get a sense of how they will work on a team, or how they might best be motivated if they are working for you.

There are also many professions in which various aptitude tests can give you useful information when making hiring decisions. Whether you need to find out how skilled an applicant is with spreadsheet software, whether he can proofread a letter, or if he knows how to calculate a net present value, it is reasonable to give prospective employees a relevant test. If you need or want help designing your optimal pre employment screening procedure, you can find that help from a qualified and experienced specialist.

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