Training Assessment

Written by Serena Berger
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Training assessment is often part of the hiring process for any job. It can also be instrumental in helping a company make decisions about whom to promote from within. The focus of training assessment should be positive, since the intention is to offer training based on what the employee or applicant needs to succeed.

Training Assessment for Office Software Proficiency

Sometimes the focus of assessment testing is on software skills that are used in the office. Word processing, publishing, and financial spreadsheet software all require that users be familiar with specific product functions. The common programs like MS Office are relatively intuitive if you just want to make use of the basic functions, but at more advanced levels, it can require training and experience to be able to get the results you want or take advantage of the finer applications of the software.

As a company, especially a large one, it is reasonable to expect to provide training for your employees on whatever software packages you use. Some companies offer periodic classes, but others just have a few support personnel available to back up learning that individual employees manage for themselves online. In fact, if you use some of the best training assessment tools, you will be able to link an online tutorial directly to an employee's test results so he or she only has to spend time learning the things that were not correctly done on the assessment.

You can also use personality testing to determine whether teamwork or leadership training would be helpful to an employee. Particularly when someone is promoted to a managerial position, there are often new skills and attributes that are called upon in the new job. Making sure that the employee is aware of his own strengths and weaknesses and able to discuss solutions with his own supervisor is the first step toward making the work environment smoother and more pleasant for everyone.

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