Work Skill Assessment Tests

Written by Serena Berger
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Work skill assessment tests are a common part of almost any hiring process. The good news is that if you're right for a job, the tests you'll have to take probably won't cause you much anxiety. For example, if you're prepared for an administrative assistant position, you'll already know how to type and format a letter in MS Word, proofread it, and use a mail merge function to print out address labels.

Furthermore, you're likely only to be tested on skills that you claim to have, so as long as you've been honest on your application, no one's going to put you through the indignity of taking a test in Linux administration if you'd just crash and burn. But what if you're not sure whether you should list Excel proficiency on your resume because you've only really used the software to keep lists before? That's where online work skill assessment tests can really benefit you as an individual.

Building Your CV with Work Skill Assessment Tests

Before you actually enter a hiring process for a job that you want, you can craft your CV to be accurate and reflect your strengths in their best light by using an online testing and training site. For example, you can go and take a practice test in Excel and find out whether the things you've done in the software are the things that you'd need to do in a new job. If they're not, you might find out that you're still 60 percent of the way there, and you just need a brief crash course in calculating sums or using filters.

You might also find out by taking practice work skill assessment tests that the skills you've built navigating the Web or writing your own website for fun are more useful business skills than you might have known. Often, the sites which offer practice tests also offer tutorials that can supplement the skills you already have. You can also learn from scratch if there's a particular package or program that's required for a job where you already have most of the required skills, but lack one in particular.

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