Anime Movies

Written by Joy MacKay
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With a strong base in mythology and fantasy, anime movies have entertained and enlightened wide audiences. Filled with subtle humor and strong emotional journeys, characters overcome struggles and discover themselves and others. The world of anime is one of magic, occuring in the supernatural and spiritual realms.

Thematic Trends in Anime Movies

Courage and overcoming are two strong themes in anime movies. Characters face death, kidnapping, and destruction, and most battle against evil and mortality. From natural forces and earthbound themes to space-age combat and alien invasion, anime movies interweave human struggle with external conflicts.

Romance in Anime Movies

From Lupin the Third and the Castle of Cagliostro by Studio Ghibli, to the legendary Hentai films, romance has always founds its way into anime movies. The emotions tend to run deep and convoluted, and romance is usually threatened by outside forces. Women are portrayed in an array of sensual types, from dominating and sexual to innocent and sweet.

Stunning Visual Effects

Unlike the animated cartoons of today, Japanese anime films are rich in content and color. Conveying mood by surroundings and shades, the slightest nuance and foreshadowing is communicated to the audience through expert drawing and animation. You can discover the rich, intricate world of anime movies by renting or owning anime DVDs and building a collection.

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