Dragonball Z Movie

Written by Joy MacKay
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Perhaps you have already followed Kami Sama and Piccolo through the first installment of the Dragonball Z movie. Maybe you've been drawn into the topsy-turvy futuristic world of Dragonball Z, and you simply want more. Luckily, these movies are now available to you on DVD, making for easy viewing and purchase.

After the first installment of the Dragon Ball Z movie, the plot thickens. A preserved scientist has been hatching a plot to give himself the strongest body in the world. Previously thinking Master Roshi remained the strongest, he realizes that now Gokuu takes that title.

From here, the scientist, Dr. Willow, attempts to get Gokuu's body. The threat of what this act might do to the world remains unknown. If Dr. Willow succeeds, he will become the world's smartest and strongest human being--a combination none before him has ever attained.

Epsiode 2: Perfect for Everyone

Whether you're a beginning Dragonball Z movie fan, or whether you've followed them since their inception, this second installment is perfect for you. With metaphysical wonderings and deep action, this film takes Dragonball Z to a new level. You can visit your favorite online anime supplier, and request a copy of the second installment today.

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