Inuyasha Characters

Written by Krystin Spellman
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Inuyasha creator Rumiko Takahashi is wildly acclaimed for her Anime work, and Inuyasha is no exception. As in most Anime, a large cast of characters is combined to create a dynamic force that sucks you into the amazing drama, famously depicted on both television screen and written page. The Inuyasha characters are as unique as they are emotionally charged, causing them to remain in your memory even after the credits have rolled.

Enemies and Allies

As seen in most Anime, there is a central theme of good versus evil. In the case of Inuyasha, the number of villains seems to far outweigh the protagonists, making Inuyasha and Kagome’s ultimate task of recovering the entire Shikon jewel quite daunting at times. Along the journey, Kagome and Inuyasha meet a number of interesting helpers, further complicating the relationship that exists between these two leading characters.

A good example of this is found in the character Kouga, the well-respected leader of the wolf-demon gang. This character seems a bit displaced at times, having suffered from the loss of the majority of his gang, murdered at the hands of the evil Kagura. Because Kouga has Shikon jewel fragments embedded in his legs, he can run as fast as the wind, making him a helpful ally in Inuyasha and Kagome’s adventures. To complicate matters, Kouga falls in love with Kagome, and as a result feels a great deal of competition towards Inuyasha.

Of all the characters, the most evil creature is the Water God, a true demon who disguises himself as a God to gain power over his village. He exacts his power through water manipulation and use of his magic extending arms. To make matters worse, this character demands a child sacrifice from his townspeople every month in exchange for his protection. As a result, some of the imagery contained in Inuyasha is so imaginative and graphic that it may not be appropriate for very young viewers.

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