Inuyasha Dvds

Written by Krystin Spellman
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As the popularity of the Inuyasha series continues to grow, the demand for the release of the newer episodes is also increasing. A number of television episodes are now available on DVD, with the majority offering an English translation option for those who are not fluent in Japanese. The Inuyasha movies are a bit more difficult to obtain since they have only been released in Japan. As word spreads about this sought after series, many American fans have been pushing for an American distributor to pick up the films and release them to a US audience, perhaps allowing Inuyasha to make its way to a theater near you.

Domestic DVDs Vs. Imported DVDs

With only a few Inuyasha DVDs available as domestic releases, the majority of these DVDs are imports. Most domestic Inuyasha DVDs are available in English translation, while the imported versions usually offer English sub-titles. One of the most popular DVD sets available today is the Inuyasha Season One box set, allowing fans to acquire all of the episodes contained within the first season as a handsome collector’s edition.

As of yet, the TV episodes from the other two seasons have not been organized into a complete box set for collectors, but will hopefully be available soon. That said, you can still purchase most of these episodes on DVD, allowing you to watch your favorite episodes time and time again. Some DVD sets come with three discs, giving you access to a lot of episodes at a competitive price. For those who prefer to purchase Inuyasha one episode at a time, that option is also available through a wide selection of DVD retailers.

DVDs are approximately $100 for the entire first season, $30 - $50 dollars for a three disc set, and as low as $9 for a single volume containing three episodes. The first two Inuyasha movies are also available as an imported combined set with English subtitles. The third Inuyasha movie is also now available on DVD, making it a must-have for avid Inuyasha collectors.

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