Inuyasha Fanfiction

Written by Krystin Spellman
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The popularity of the Inuyasha series has let to a number of Fanfiction websites, allowing followers of the story to create their own chapters and sub-plots. This interactive involvement seems to have created an Inuyasha Internet community, allowing fans to swap tales, many stories beginning where others leave off. As a result, this forum allows fans to feel like they are a part of a communal creative process, giving their written work a like-minded audience.

Fanfiction Websites

Most Fanfiction websites will post content as long as it is grammatically correct, and the format is neat and easy to read. Some websites will give repeat authors special preference since some readers may be looking for an extension on one of their earlier stories, wanting to know what other ideas the writer has in store for them. Additionally, most Fanfiction sites are run by Anime fans themselves, working to create a community with others who share similar interests.

When looking for amateur short stories, Fanfiction provides an interesting collection of work, since all stories contain the same familiar characters. Inuyasha has become a popular Fanfiction plot line because Rumiko Takahashi has done such an amazing job creating characters that her fans can relate to. When reading some of the Fanfiction selections, it is extremely obvious that most of these writers feel connected to these characters, identifying with them on some level, and often choosing to write their fiction from a first person perspective.

Most Fanfiction websites offer a brief synopsis of what the story contains, as well as a general rating that falls in line with traditional movie rating guides including PG, PG13, R, and NC-17. Because some of the written materials are not suited for young readers, it is very important that parents keep a close watch on some of the Fanfiction websites that their children are visiting, as many of these sites are intended for mature audiences.

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