Inuyasha Games

Written by Krystin Spellman
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Marketers today recognize the popularity of Anime, as well as the effortless combination of this genre with video gaming systems. Inuyasha video games are as popular as the TV episodes and movies, giving fans the opportunity to take an interactive role within the story, playing the part of one of their favorite characters. As of today, there are only two video games available, but with the increasing popularity of Inuyasha, it is safe to assume that more are on the way.

Inuyasha Game Choices

There is currently one video game available for the first generation Sony Playstation, entitled “Inuyasha: A Feudal Fairytale.” At this time, this is the only American Inuyasha game available for fans. This game mirrors the goal of your average street fighting game, allowing you to choose your favorite Inuyasha character and go to battle with the classic villains depicted in the popular television series.

For those who enjoy spending time on role-playing games, consider checking out Inuyasha: “The Secret of the Cursed Mask” on Playstation 2, scheduled for release in November 2005. One of the most impressing elements of this game is that the scenes match the Anime graphics in Inuyasha closely, making the player feel like they are part of an actual Anime drama. Unlike the other Inuyasha games, you are not offered the choice of playing the role of Inuyasha or any of the other series characters.

Instead, you have the opportunity to take on the role of a young girl who travels down a well, finding herself in the past, just as Kagome does in the popular television show. For gamers who do not enjoy the pretense of a role-playing game, they may still choose to add this to their collection since the game contains over 30 minutes of unique Anime footage. Despite the fact that many video game fanatics may not pursue this game, those who are both video game connoisseurs and Inuyasha fans will definitely enjoy interacting with familiar characters in a virtual Inuyasha world.

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