Inuyasha Movie

Written by Joy MacKay
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The Inuyasha movie genre has intrigued anime fans since its inception. With a storyline steeped in tradition and continued in modern-day times, Inuyasha is highly unique. If you haven't already discovered the Inuyasha movies, after your first viewing, you'll be a dedicated fan.

The Inuyasha BackstoryThe story begins years ago, when the half-demon, Inuyasha, attacks Princess Kikyou. This tale already captures romance and irony, as Kikyou had been waiting on the Jewel of the Four Souls to make Inuyasha fully human (thus paving the way for their love to consummate). The attack puts a heartbroken Kikyou on the defensive, and she shoots an enchanted arrow at Inuyasha, encapsulating him in a deep sleep. Kikyou then instructs her little sister, Kaede, to bury the jewel with her remains. Kaede fulfills this request, and buries the Jewel of Four Souls ("Shikon no Tama") with her sister's remains.

In modern-day Japan, a young girl named Higurashi Kagome talks with her grandfather, who tells her the tale of Inuyasha. While seeking her lost cat, she is grabbed by a well-dwelling, jewel-seeking demon. Once she escapes the well, she can no longer find her home.

The Draw of the Inuyasha

This mix of mythology, tradition, and modernity allows for a unique creation. The Inuyasha movie creates a rare blend of these characteristics, allowing for mysticism and intrigue. You can get your favorite Inuyasha movie online, and immerse yourself in its fantastic storyline.

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