Inuyasha Music

Written by Krystin Spellman
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In addition to the interesting plot and exciting battles, Inuyasha has also received notoriety for the music it features in its television episodes. The popularity of these songs has resulted in the marketing of everything from CDs to music videos, and even sheet music, allowing budding musicians to try their hand at recreating these popular songs. The majority of songs are in Japanese, allowing you learn a bit about the language. Many websites offer song lyrics in romanji and English.

For those unfamiliar with the Japanese language, romanji is simply Japanese written in English characters. Japan has four styles of writing, romanji, kiragana, katakana, and kanji. For the majority of Americans who cannot read traditional Japanese writing, romanji allows them to phonetically sound out Japanese words, allowing fans to sing along and learn a bit about the Japanese language in the process.

Inuyasha Music Availability

With fantastic resources all over the Web, Inuyasha music is directly available at your fingertips. A number of fan based websites offer free music downloads, allowing you to sample some of the music contained in the television show and movies. Inuyasha’s title track, Change the World, provides an electronically dramatic sound, sure to be recognized by most Anime enthusiasts.

Soundtrack CDs are available at music retailers, but can be easily found online alongside other Inuyasha merchandise. There are currently 10 music CDs available ranging from movie soundtracks to thematic compilations. One of the most popular music discs is “Inuyasha: Theme Song Collection,” a two-disc set that is sure to contain most of your favorite Inuyasha songs.

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