Japanese Anime

Written by Joy MacKay
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The world of animation has come to embody more than simply mere cartoons. In the hands of the master Japanese animators, animated films have become intricate stories of human struggle, ethos, discovery, and passion. A variety of sources endeavor to introduce you to the different types of anime movies that have gained popularity, but actually watching the movies is your best bet.

Whether you're renting a Yu Gi Oh movie, or kicking back to watch a Hentai movie with friends, Japanese anime enriches your life. With themes that can inspire young children, and cause introspection among adults, anime can please audiences of all ages. In fact, the anime industry has gained quite a cult following among fans in a variety of age groups and countries.

The Draw of Japanese Anime

So, why have so many fans worldwide enjoyed watching Japanese anime films? Anime movies blur the lines between reality and fantasy, and create characters that are more than cute. Anime characters are beloved because they also embody frailty and vulnerability along with heroic strength.

The visual draw of anime is also compelling. Based on the traditional animation sequences made popular in the United States, anime characters have large eyes, strong lines, and curves. These cute exaggerated features and strong visual effects combine to create a visual extravaganza.

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