Love Hina Dvd

Written by Joy MacKay
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Love Hina was one of the great anime pioneers here in the United States. Imported from Japan, this series was more unique than cartoons and feature television shows, alike. Now, with a proper U.S. release, the Love Hina DVD is available for purchase.

With carefully crafted subtitles, the Love Hina DVD is translated into English, for your convenience. Unlike other series, Love Hina has removable subtitles. This means that you can choose whether to watch it in Japanese, without visual obstruction, or whether to use the aid of subtitling.

High Technology & the Love Hina DVD

Best of all is the amazing audio track. With Dolby digital sound and interlaced video, the Love Hina DVD is the picture of technology. You can even hear directionality in the DVD, meaning that sounds that would naturally come out of one side will use the appropriate speakers. When Keitaro flies across the screen, you'll swear it happened right in front of you.

Packed with extra features, the Love Hina DVD is exceptional. With a sketchbook for your perusal, and a character gallery, you can quickly acquaint yourself (or reacquaint yourself) with the characters. The DVD comes complete with an informational insert, with interesting commentary on the movie and the legend.

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