Saint Seiya Dvd

Written by Joy MacKay
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There is some argument about the time frame in which Saint Seiya takes place. While some translations will say the 1980s are the timeframe for Saint Seiya, others opt for the near future as a setting. One thing is for certain, though: There is no argument about just how good these movies are.

The plot begins after an unnamed catastrophe has disrupted the world's governments. Chaos abounds, and Asia's financial consortium is sponsoring an international fight competition. These "Galaxian Wars" offer a prize of gold armor, crafted into the shape of Sagittarius. The games are headed up by Saori, whose grandfather Mitsumasa Kiddo began the games.

The Saint Seiya DVD for Purchase

The Saint Seiya movies are now offered for release on DVD. When you purchase a Saint Seiya DVD, you receive the assurance of quality sound and video. With only the most vibrant colors and sophisticated animation, these movies have been preserved, and are translated for you to watch back in the U.S.

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