Studio Ghibli

Written by Joy MacKay
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Studio Ghibli is acclaimed as one of the finest cinematic production companies in any medium or nation. Studio Ghibli has been at the forefront of producing intelligent, brilliantly written, vivaciously animated films for the past 20 years. Ghibli has also influenced such mainstream film makers as Lucas and Speilberg.

Lead by anime genius Hayao Miyazaki, Studio Ghibli has produced films that are timeless treasures, and are admired by film makers all over the world. These films are loved by audiences of all ages and nationalities. Studio Ghibli's movies have even been picked up by major production companies, such as Disney.

Timeless Tales of Studio Ghibli

Parents can enjoy Ghibli's works alongside their children, and children can watch these films as they grow and mature. The work done by Studio Ghibli has been admired worldwide, and the films capture the hearts of all ages in a way that few are able to do. These films are priceless treasures, weaving history and mythology with modern characters.

Until recently, it has been difficult to find these masterpieces for purchase. Now, with new DVD releases, you can find Studio Ghibli DVDs online, and can purchase them in an instant. Look for online recommended suppliers if you are trying to purchase Studio Ghibli movies.

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