Action Songs

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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All of us remember the action songs we learned when we were very young. From, "put your right foot in, put your right foot out," to Tony Chestnut, action songs promote physical movement, coordination, and learning. Action songs simply make children, and adults, feel better. They are also great teaching tools

Research and observation tell us that, the more senses we use, the better we learn. When a child uses his or her entire body to express a concept, the child will retain more of the concept. The process is the same as note taking in class. Most older student would remember very little about their class lectures if they did not involve another segment of their brains by writing notes.

Action Songs and Early Learning

One of the most popular action songs for children today is called Tony Chestnut. It is a song that involves a series of movements, touching a toe, a knee, a chest, an eye, and more. By doing all of these steps, a child's entire focus is on the names and locations of various body parts, and very young children quickly learn them all.

Children also learn coordination from the activities of these songs. As they become able to match their movements to the rhythm of the music, they gain in confidence that they can control their bodies. Look for action songs at educational websites where you will find the Tony Chestnut album and more.

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