Music For Children

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Fun Music for Children

We've been discussing educational music and songs for teaching on most of the pages of Children's Music Place. There is, however, a time for music to be just plain fun. Ok, so a child will probably learn from every song s/he hears, but children can also appreciate great songs with no purpose other than to entertain.

As parents and educators, it's a good idea to choose the fun music as carefully as you choose music to teach. There will come a time in your child's life when you have very little control over what s/he listens to. Before that time comes, however, you have the opportunity to create an interest in good music in your child.

Classical Music for Children

For example, you might be surprised at how much classical music is geared towards children. Peter and the Wolf comes to mind because it is one of my children's favorites. They loved listening to the story of the wolf - it was as exciting to them as an action show on television, especially when we enjoyed it together and discussed what we liked about it.

Music doesn't have to be classical to be great for children. The trick is to find music that makes children feel good, that may even encourage them to look for more music like the one you have introduced them to. Look for music for children on the Internet or even at your local library, and take the time to really share it with them. Talk about it, and then let them come with you to make selections of their own.

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