Music For Young Children

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Educational music for young children should be easy to understand, fun, and to the point. With few words and simple tunes, children's songwriters have taught very young children lessons that last a lifetime. We all remember the first songs we learned because music for young children plants the seeds of a love for the eloquence of music and rhythm.

Music for young children starts with the tunes a pregnant mother hums to her unborn child. She knows that music will soothe and comfort her baby. When babies are crying, mothers and fathers often croon to them. So, from even before birth, we are drawn to music as a source of ease and joy. For very young children, music can easily become a fun way to learn.

Variety and Learning

Music for young children can be as different as classical and rap, yet the entire range of music can bring joy and learning into their lives. Long before they understand that there are different types of music, they can understand what music brings to them. They tap their toes, clap their hands, and jump to the beat from a very young age. Whether they are listening to rap or to The Nutcracker, they can express their joy in body movements and voice.

Parents and educators who make music an integral part of a child's early years will see the positive results as the child learns to love music and learns from music. Music for young children can be any music that inspires them to move or helps them to learn, or just makes them smile. You will find all kinds of music for young children online at educational materials websites.

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