Preschool Songs

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Many songs for young children that are appropriate for preschool involve both learning and fun. Using such songs can be very effective ways to totally involve a child in the learning process. Making learning fun by using music as a tool can be an excellent way to teach basic concepts to children, and it has been shown that children better retain what they learn in this manner.

Preschool songs are generally simple with tunes and words that a preschooler can learn easily. With repetition, the learning becomes knowledge, and knowledge builds on knowledge. For example, learning body parts in a simple song will help a child to remember them much longer than just hearing the names of the parts.

Preschool Songs and Topics

There are now preschool songs available that teach everything from the alphabet to opposites, shapes, numbers and counting, and weather. Many of the songs even include action and movement that improve retention by causing the child to use multiple senses in the learning process. One good thing about using preschool songs to teach is that children generally love to learn through music, especially movement music.

Today's preschool songs include a wide variety of lessons about safety. Topics include saying "no" to drugs, fire safety, how to cross a street, memorizing a name and address, and how to act when strangers try to hurt you. These are issues of major concern to parents and educators alike, and the preschool songs that teach a child how to stay safe give very young children tools that can truly help them in dangerous situations. Look for safety songs at educational websites online.

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