Songs For Teaching

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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At, the authors state that "music in the classroom is consistent with theories of multisensory learning." This concept is accepted by most educators today who recognize that the use of hands, the body (in dance or activities), and music allow the learner to use multiple senses which stimulates different areas of the brain. In addition, the concept of "prior knowledge" tells us that our brains build knowledge on knowledge--this is how we learn and retain. Adding music to a little knowledge about a topic, assists in that process.

Songs for teaching in a variety of subjects are available from educational resources on the Internet. In cassette, CD, and video formats, these songs promote multisensory learning. For very young children, they include numbers and counting skills, opposites, shapes, parts of the body, and more.

Songs for Teaching Results

If we learn something in song, we tend to remember it more fully and much longer. How many of us can recall songs we loved as children? Think about the silly song naming all fifty states that was a popular outtake from an 80s cartoon show. My children still know the states, in alphabetical order, from that song.

Teachers and parents are delighted with how well children retain knowledge learned in conjunction with music. Whether you are an educator or a parent (educator!), you will be able to find a multitude of good educational music on the Internet. Today you can even listen to segments of hundreds of songs on the websites before you buy.

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