Tony Chestnut

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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If you've never heard of the children's song, Tony Chestnut, you've missed a lot of fun! Tony Chestnut is a delightful song that instructs the children to do a variety of moves touching various parts of their bodies. On top of the fun, it's quite a workout for children and teacher alike.

Tony Chestnut's lyrics are simple and and the movements are easy to do. "Tony Chestnut knows I love you..." The child sings and points to a toe, a knee, a chest, a nose, an eye, and you. The song starts out slowly and gets faster as it goes along. (By the way, it's even great for a group of businesspersons who have been sitting in a boring meeting for an hour!)

Tony Chestnut Online

If you would like to hear Tony Chestnut before you buy, you can go to the Learning Station website to hear part of the song. You can buy Tony Chestnut online, and you can be guaranteed that your kids will love it. Tony Chestnut comes in CD format and consistently gets top ratings from educators and parents.

In addition to the title song, the Tony Chestnut album includes an additional list of children's action songs. These songs take into account the research that indicates that children learn better when they are active. The Tony Chestnut album also includes the lyrics of all the songs. Children and teachers alike adore this album.

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