Christian Contemporary Music Downloads

Written by Scott Martin
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One of the biggest trends in the music industry through the 1990s was the growth of Christian contemporary music. Currently, this music is experiencing even greater growth as Christian contemporary music downloads are becoming available. This genre of music has deep roots in gospel and other worship music and has been germinating over many years. This huge growth was realized as Christian scripture was packaged with contemporary accompaniment and tailored specifically for the youth.

History of Christian Contemporary Music Downloads

Contemporary worship music had its origins in the in the late 1960s. During this period, there was a large counterculture movement with American youth. Many people in this generation cast off traditional beliefs and rebelled in mass again the status quo. This encompassed such paradigm shifts as the civil rights movement, anti-war protests, and the sexual revolution.

However, after experimenting with drugs and sexuality, many youth found Jesus and they become the building blocks of the contemporary Christian movement. They found music as an effective venue to evangelize to their peers. Over the years the melodies may have changed, but the praise in the lyrics has stayed the same.

Today, Christian contemporary music is readily available in the stores, on radio, on television, and online. By using the Internet, it is easy to search through a vast amount of Christian contemporary music downloads and select the songs that move you the most. You can then enjoy these downloads on your home computer, personalized CDs or even on portable music players.

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