Christian Contemporary Worship Music

Written by Scott Martin
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Christian contemporary worship music is built around the ability for people to emotionally connect with the words and actively participate in the worship. To achieve this, the lyrics are usually repetitious. Because of this simplicity, some people find it to be less fulfilling, spiritually.

About Christian Contemporary Worship Music

Those who see Christian contemporary worship music as too simple are usually drawn to more traditional hymns. They perceive that the depth and theology of Christianity have been stripped from the contemporary worship music. However, many people find that they cannot connect with traditional hymns. They find the language inaccessible and difficult for an individual to interpret.

Being able to access the language of the song is important. Many people who do not connect with the language find themselves singing the songs by rote memory and not exploring how these songs apply to their lives. By providing music that connects with individuals, people can more fully explore their beliefs and role of God in their lives.

Worship is not a passive event--worship involves actively focusing on God. Christian contemporary worship music allows people to participate in the worship and connect with the Lord. Many individual disengage themselves once they are overwhelmed by complex music. This goes against the scripture which states that everyone needs to bring something to worship.

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