Christian Music Online

Written by Scott Martin
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The Internet has opened the doors wide for Christian music online. With the ability to reach millions of people, Christian music can now be found online in the forms of streaming Christian radio, Christian MP3 downloads, and online websites with Christian music charts, interviews, and commentary. With this widespread availability has come a widening of the genres of contemporary music made accessible to listeners.

Aspects of Accessing Christian Music Online

You might wonder what you need in order to listen to or download Christian music online. The first basic need is an internet connection--a high-speed DSL or cable modem line is preferable, but music can be transferred on a dial-up connection as well (it will just take longer). You will also need a web browser, such as Netscape, Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Opera, in order to visit websites and begin transfers. If you wish to burn Christian music onto compact discs, you will also need a CD burner drive on your computer.

To listen to MP3s directly on your computer, you'll want to make sure you have an audio player. Nowadays, most modern computers come packaged with software that will play MP3 files, such as Windows Media Player. However, there is shareware (free) versions of MP3 listening software such as WinAmp, which you can download and install without cost. This also makes an excellent way to listen to Christian music while you work at your computer.

One of the most surprising parts of seeking out Christian music online might be that much of this music is not necessarily from the major praise labels like Maranatha!, Integrity, or Vineyard. While these staples in praise and worship music have their own online offerings, many of the MP3s you'll stumble across for sale will be from relatively unknown groups and artists. Much of this is because of the low cost of creating music in digital format, and so these independent artists tend to sell their praise music at significantly lower costs.

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