Christian Praise And Worship Music

Written by Scott Martin
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Christian praise and worship music has its origins in gospel songs. During the 1940s, there was an evangelical movement focused on teenagers. Meetings were often held on the weekends at local gymnasiums or auditoriums. These meetings were a combination of entertainment and religious fellowship.

Roots of Christian Praise and Worship Music

Gospel songs played a large role in this entertainment. Frequently, only the chorus's of these songs were sung. This resulted in songs that contained much repetition and were thus easier to remember and sing along to. Since based on gospel music, the words were often based upon the scriptures.

These songs were focused more on emotion and less on theology. They tended to lift up the spirit and resonate with the participant. Further differentiating this Christian praise and worship music from traditional hymn of gospel was the addition of secular style instrumental accompaniment. The melody of the music was essential to the spirit of the music.

These early praise and worship songs were collected and distributed in chorus books. This genre gained popularity because of its youth appeal and digestible format. Over the years Christian praise and worship music has evolved to keep up with popular tastes, but is still strongly rooted in its past.

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