Christian Praise Songs

Written by Scott Martin
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The goal of Christian praise songs is to inspire people to praise and express their love for the Lord. While hymns also inspire praise for the Lord, Christian praise songs differ in structure and content. Praise songs place more emphasis on emotions where as traditional hymns place more emphasis on theology.

What are Christian Praise Songs?

Christian praise songs are often repetitious in nature (with a short, repeated chorus) and can sometimes use more familiar, vaguer language. While sometime there is just straight repetition, often the music consists of a theme and slight variations. Because of this repetition, some critics see this music as vacuous and without merit.

These songs are composed though, of short choruses that focus on praise and are often based on scripture. While the lyrics are important, the melody is a fundamental part of the praise. It is the simplicity itself and the movement of the music that helps bring people to the Lord while singing.

Rather than just traditional instruments, Christian praise songs are often accompanied by instruments more associated with secular music. In addition to the instruments, clapping is a common form of accompaniment. When these songs are sung in a worship setting, the words are often projected onto a wall or other surface for the congregation to read.

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