Christian Songs

Written by Scott Martin
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To many people, all Christian songs can be lumped together into one category. However, outside of this secular viewpoint, there are an astounding number of Christian songs and genres. These genres range from contemporary Christian music (CCM) to gospel to praise and worship music to traditional hymns and Messianic music. While different in style, they are all sung to serve God.

Types of Christian Songs

Each of these different genres has a different musical style and target audience. Praise and worship music is typically sung by non-denominational and evangelical Christians. This style is marked by repetitive lyrics that are accompanied by such instruments as drums, guitar, and piano. While the lyrics are typically simple, they are often based on the scriptures.

Traditional hymns are noted by their complex lyrics that delve more into theology. These songs are written to be sung in harmony. While the lyrics are more complex, musically they are typically accompanied by the piano or organ.

Messianic music is targeted at Messianic Jews. This style of music is often sung in either Hebrew or English and is almost a combination of Gospel and traditional Jewish music. Often this music is accompanied by a clarinet. More so than the praise music, the lyrics for this genre are closely drawn from the scriptures.

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