Christian Songwriters

Written by Scott Martin
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In recent years, independent Christian songwriters have gained more attention than ever before. With the rise of digital music distribution, no longer are the few Christian music labels of the 1970s and 1980s the only choices for the Christian listener. This shift has given rise to more variety, sung by previously undiscovered Christian artists, to minister to the listener.

Independent Christian Songwriters

Additionally, this shift towards independent Christian music has created more availability for niche music in praise and worship. For those seeking a certain style of praise music, or music with ethnic or stylistic roots, digital format has made these individualistic styles more available. In a sense, the independent Christian songwriters no longer have to pander to market trends, but can quickly and easily write their music in its purest form.

While most Christian listeners have a canon of music they have grown with over the years, there is definitely evidence of a thirst for new songs. The Bible teaches us that each member of the Body of Christ is unique, and equally important. Likewise, God's giftings in songwriting and musical and vocal ability are all diverse, and independent Christian songwriters each have a unique style to offer listeners, both lyrically and musically.

Another aspect of Christian independent music that has fostered these artists and groups is that the lower cost of production generally means a lower sale price. This means that Christian music can become readily available to those of lower income or means, in order to spread the gospel and encourage worship of God. Some digital music websites even allow for downloading of particular songs for individual purchase, allowing the listener to choose which songs minister to them personally the most, and purchase only those for a lower overall price tag.

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