Contemporary Christian Songs

Written by Scott Martin
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Most believers instantly think of Christian "rock" when they hear the term "contemporary Christian music." However, while the youth market has brought about contemporary Christian songs by artists such as Michael W. Smith, Amy Grant, and the Newsboys, these artists hardly represent the majority of Contemporary Christian music. Many contemporary Christian songs today come in the form of updated praise and worship music, aimed at believers of all ages and traditions.

Attributes of Contemporary Christian Songs

One attribute of contemporary Christian music is the modernization of lyrics. Rather than using archaic or awkward language, contemporary Christian songs endeavor to take the same principles and present them in easily digestible format. In short, you won't find many "thee"s and "thou hast"s in contemporary Christian songs, but rather the modern "you" and "you have." This can be a huge benefit to those who feel alienated by archaic language. Also, as worship is supposed to be an intimate experience with God, contemporary songs allow for greater expression and closeness.

Another feature of contemporary Christian praise is the updated sound. This usually involves integration of a full band, including drums, piano, keyboards, and electric guitar. However, many contemporary groups still opt for more traditional acoustic guitar and piano, and some even integrate ancient sounds such as the sitar or tambourine.

Contemporary Christian music also has amazing outreach capacity. When evangelizing, many groups opt for contemporary songs that make the gospel plainer to the listener, in a free-spirited and less constrained sound. While these traits have sometimes garnered criticism from hard-lined traditionalists, they have also enlarged the Christian music market, and reached many in the faith.

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